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A sweet with monastic roots

An intellectually valuable sweet

The Crúzio is an exclusive sweet of Café Santa Cruz that aims to pay tribute to the Café, the Church, and the Monastery of Santa Cruz. It is made based on an ancient recipe used when Café Santa Cruz was both a café and a restaurant.
The sweet is made using traditional ingredients, such as sweet egg and toasted almond. There is a clear emphasis on the quality and selection of raw materials, which is reflected in the flavor, texture, consistency, and sweetness of the Crúzio. The sweet delights those who taste it!


The first reference to the sweet dates to March 1951 when it was included in the menu of a wedding held in Côja. The catering services of Café Santa Cruz were renowned for their quality and were requested for weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, pastoral visits, celebrations of significant dates, or receptions for honored guests (especially by the City Hall or the University of Coimbra).
The Crúzio is presented in a box with an illustration inspired by the ancient spirituality of the space and one of the stained-glass windows that are part of the identity of this commercial establishment.